How To Do Atonement As Per Hinduism If You Had Done Sin Unknowingly?

How To Do Atonement As Per Hinduism If You Had Done Sin Unknowingly?.Sin and virtue have been considered extremely important in Hinduism. These sins and virtues are usually seen in connection with human actions. How man is doing, right and wrong actions done by him are divided into sin and virtue.

There are many beliefs related to sin and virtue in Hindu scriptures. How doing various virtues benefits a man and on the other hand how he gets punishment by sinning, it is all recorded in the scriptures.

As far as virtue is concerned, a man feels satisfied after receiving it, he is happy that he has done a noble cause. But when it comes to ‘sin’, he is frightened. He starts planning how to protect himself from this sin.

But here the question emerges that punishment is mandatory for a sin committed intentionally, but if someone inadvertently becomes a sinner? Years ago, this question was also raised by Maharaj Parikshit, which was recorded in Srimad Bhagwan of Shrimad Bhagwat Ji.

Maharaj Parikshit had asked Shukdev that ‘if we commit a sin unknowingly, how to atone it? Many times we inadvertently trample ants under our feet, destroy the organisms present in the air through inhalation, destroy the creatures present on it while burning wood. So how to atone for such sins? ‘


While answering this question of Maharaj Parikshit very easily, Acharya Shukdev said that ‘5 types of yagyas should be performed daily to get rid of such sins’. Yes… These 5 types of yajna daily get rid of sins committed unknowingly. But what are these sacrifices, know ahead …….

Explaining the 5 yagyas, Shukdev said, ‘Rajan, this is not such a big yajna. But there are some simple classical remedies which have been given the name after assuming similar to Yajna. These 5 yagyas provide relief to man from the burden of unintentional evil acts.How To Do Atonement As Per Hinduism If You Had Done Sin Unknowingly?

According to Acharya Shukdev, if a person performs these 5 yagyas daily, not only does he get freedom from the burden of his sins, but also by performing those religious measures he attains virtue.

The fifth yajna is to make food, fire food, that is, to make bread, cut it into pieces and add ghee-sugar to it and offer it to the fire.

The fourth yajna is – after making a flour pill, fishes should be put in the reservoir every day.

The third yajna is – the birds should pour food daily.

The second yajna is – Ant should be poured 10 grams of flour everyday near the roots of trees.

First Yajna – According to Acharya Shukdev, if we commit any sin unknowingly, then we should donate a loaf of bread to Gau daily for his atonement. Whenever bread is made at home, the first roti should be removed for cow grass.

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