PC Gaming Tips: How To Become A Veteran PC Gamer?

We all love PC games. Isn’t it?. There are various types of games available in the market. Games such as mission games, strategic games, sports games, multiplayer games, spooky games and many other types of PC games. Now we all want to become a veteran gamer or you can say” Become a hardcore PC gamer”. In this blog, we will cover all the points, tactics, skills and other minor important issues, which you right now don’t own to become one of the hardcore PC Gamer. In my childhood, I had played many games like Call Of Duty, Battlefield, Desert Storm, Medal of Honor ,Far Cry, GTA San Andrea’s etc. which are mostly are single player games. I will share PC gaming Tips to become a Veteran PC gamer.

PC gaming tips When Playing Single Player Mission?

When you are playing a single player mission, than you must understand the game first, understand what game wants to say. Also, you must keep an eye about all the quests and tools available in the game. If you are playing an open world game, than there are many enemies, you must keep an eye on all of them. You must not play the game too fast, you must complete each and every quests given in the game, as it may help you further when you continue the game. The biggest examples of such games are Skyrim Elder Scrolls, Witcher, GTA V , The Red Dead Redemption etc.

PC gaming tips when Playing Multiplayer Games?

When you are playing Multiplayer games, there are many tactics you must understand, like if you are playing for survival of yourself in the solo multiplayer game, than there are many enemies, which you must keep a sharp eye on them. Also, while playing in the group of 4 , as you play in PUBG, you must support each other at any cost. because it is a thumb rule, a single stick can be broken easily, while more sticks together is very tough to broke.

PC gaming tips when using Google Stadia?

As you all know, new feature is announced by Google, using which you can play any PC game directly on PC without any costly hardware such as Graphics Card, using feature on YouTube known as Google Stadia

Now when you are playing it on pc, you must learn each and every function of Google Stadia, so that you don’t have to pause the game again and again to understand the key features. it will enhance your gaming experience.

Important Points While Doing PC Gaming?

  1. Don’t waste bullets, grenades and resources easily
  2. Never play the game too fast
  3. Understand each function of the key on keyboard, like moving forward, backward, sneaking, crawling etc.
  4. Use a smooth mouse which can give real time clicks
  5. Use a good keyboard
  6. Understand the game format and make strategic moves accordingly
  7. Play with full concentration
  8. Don’t skip Video Stories, if you are playing any game for the 1st time.
  9. Use a comfortable chair which gives you full command of the view and using the mouse and keyboard.
  10. Never quit easily.
  11. Don’t skip missions
  12. Don’t pause the game too much.
  13. When playing a sniping mission, stay aware of your breathe rate or heart rate and also, make sure their is no hidden enemy ahead.


So friends, this are some of the useful PC gaming tips for all the game lovers who loves to play the games on PC. I hope you loved this tips. Please feel free to comment below about your gaming experience using this tips.

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