Munshi Premchand Quotes In English: Great Quotes Of Munshi Premchand

Munshi Premchand Quotes In English: Munshi Premchand is a great personality and Hindi story writer. We will discuss some of the best quotes from him.

Munshi Premchand Quotes In English

“The name of eating and sleeping is not life, it is the name of life, of the passion to keep moving forward.”

“Protection of self-respect is our first religion.”

“The real happiness of life is in giving happiness to others; Not robbing their happiness. “

“The woman tolerates abuses, even kills, but the condemnation of her mother does not go well with her.” – Munshi Premchand Quotes In English

“If your mistake is rectified with your own hands, then it is better than someone else to correct it.”

“For the old man, dry up in the past and the grief of the present and the apocalypse of the future is no more entertaining and no affair.”

“Luck comes to those who remain unfazed on their duty path.”

“The honor that a man gets from wealth is not his, but his wealth is respected.”

“Success has the unique power to erase faults….”

Despair makes possible impossible.” – Munshi Premchand Quotes In English

“In anger, a man does not speak his mind; he only wants to hurt others’ hearts.”

“Supporting injustice is the same as doing injustice …”.

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“Protecting self-respect is our first religion.”

“Literacy is a good thing and it solves some of life’s problems….”

“All the things in the world are as affection, where there is nothing but affection.”

“Man’s greatest enemy is Garur….”

There were many difficulties in Premchand Ji’s life as well, but he always used to live happily and simple life. He always said that,

“Anxiety is the root of disease….”

“Lagan doesn’t care about thorns….”

“Monthly salary is the moon of the poornamasi which appears one day and disappears in decreasing order.”

“Everyone listens to the complaints of force; no one listens to the weak.” – Munshi Premchand Quotes In English

“Education is needed to make life a success, not a degree. Our degree is ~ our sense of service, our humility, our simplicity of life. If this degree is not attained, if our soul is not awakened then the degree of paper is meaningless. “

“Fame is achieved by sacrifice, not by fraud” – Munshi Premchand Quotes In English

“No school has opened up more experience than disaster”

“Truth also becomes dumb among timid creatures.”

“We want to rule the minds of those for whom we sacrifice, not having the hope of any revenge. Even if that rule is in his own interest. The higher the amount of renunciation, the stronger is this governance spirit. ” – Munshi Premchand Quotes In English

“Love which is intolerant, which does not even consider the feelings of others, who does not hesitate to impose false stigma, is frenzied, not love.”

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