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When Vra (Verasity) Coin will get launched on Binance?

When Vra (Verasity) Coin will get launched on Binance

When Vra (Verasity) Coin will get launched on Binance

Verasity is a blockchain company which works in giving a good experience in the esports, AdTech, and digital rights management. The cryptocurrency is famous for its use case and is considered famous among the crytocurrency investors and holders. There are many speculations and prediction about Verasity coin to hit $1 in 2023? But looking at the current market cap and the increase in the supply of the verasity coins, it looks very difficult for the crypto to hit such huge price point.

Now as it is consider a strong fundamental project, many news are circulating on the social media especially reddit and twitter, that Verasity will soon get listed on Binance and after that a big rally will be seen in the price of the Vra coin.

VRA when Binance?

Looking at the current circumstances and market condition, it looks very difficult for the VRA token to get listed on binance as various parameters needs to be checked before listing any coin on the binance portal and if all the parameters and check boxes will be covered than definitely VRA will get listed on binance. Currently it is listed on KuCoin and other few exchanges.

Our prediction is that VRA can get launched on Binance in the first half of 2024


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