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Hi! My name is Manish and I am a blogger. I founded Tech Tips Manish in 2018 initially to share about tech, sports, you tube, cricket, games, entertainment, blogging, wiki, places, finance when the journey of this blog started.

Apart from continuing providing the information of the topics like technology, blog, seo, online money, etc, I wanted to reach the average person who was looking to better their lives and which can be done using the latest technology.

Our values:

  • Always put the reader first
  • Be an honest source of accurate information
  • Be transparent
  • Always make things right if there has been a mistake

Statement of Purpose:

To transform lives through educating people by providing unlimited information about Wiki, entertainment, finance, tech, YouTube and make money online.

Editorial Guidelines:

On our website, We strive to provide content that is informative, accurate and unbiased so that you can make an informed decisions when it comes to any topic we share with our readers on this blog.

In order to do this, we will use external sources like credible websites in an effort to validate the information provided in our articles.

Moreover, We regularly will review previously published content to maintain it’s accuracy and relevancy of the topic in the present times.