How to Make Baal Aadhaar Card?

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Dear friends and readers, this article is about Baal Aadhaar Card. We are going to discuss each and every important point which one needs to understand while applying for an Aadhaar card. Indian Governement has made it mandatory for all citizens to have an Aadhaar card. Similarly, it has now been made mandatory for small children, aged 5 years and below, to obtain an Aadhaar card, which will be called the “Baal Aadhaar Card” or the “Blue Child Aadhaar Card” due to its blue color. This child Aadhaar card will now be considered an essential document and will be used for various purposes, including obtaining the child’s birth certificate and admission to school.

Eligibility Conditions for Baal Aadhaar Card:

  1. The child should be of Indian origin.
  2. The age of the child should be 5 years or less.

Documents Required for Baal Aadhaar Card Application:

  1. Child’s birth certificate
  2. Aadhaar card copy of the child’s parents
  3. Parent-child relationship certificate
  4. Residential address proof
  5. Mobile number
  6. Passport size photograph of the child

Application Process for Baal Aadhaar Card:

  1. To apply for Baal Aadhaar Card online, visit the official website of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).
  2. Click on the “my Aadhaar” option on the home page.
  3. Click on “book an appointment” to schedule an appointment at the nearest Aadhaar center.
  4. Select your district name and nearest location, and click on “proceed to book an appointment”.
  5. Click on “new Aadhaar” and fill in the required information, including your mobile number and captcha code.
  6. Click on “generate OTP” and enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number.
  7. Book the appointment date and visit the Aadhaar center on the scheduled day with the child to complete the Aadhaar card enrollment process.

Note: For children below 5 years, the Aadhaar card will be linked to the parent’s Aadhaar card, and the bio-metric details will be valid only for the parents. The bio-metric details of a child above 5 years will be valid.

Making Baal Aadhaar Card Offline:

Friends, you have an alternative to apply for this Card offline by visiting the nearest Aadhaar center, filling out the application form with the required information, attaching the necessary documents, and submitting the form. You will receive a receipt, and the child’s Aadhaar card will be ready within 2 months. You can also check the status of your child’s Aadhaar card application online.

If you are enjoying the parenthood, that I want to inform you that getting a this Card for children aged 5 years and below is now mandatory in India, and it can be applied for online or offline by following the prescribed process and providing the necessary documents.

To check the status of the Baal Aadhaar Card application:

  1. Visit the official website of UIDAI and click on the “Check Aadhaar Status” option under the “GET AADHAAR” section.
  2. Enter the receipt number and other details as asked.
  3. Click on the “Check Status” option, and the application status will be displayed.

To download the Aadhaar card:

  1. Once the application is processed and the Aadhaar card is generated, you can download it from the official website of UIDAI.
  2. Click on the “Download Aadhaar” option under the “GET AADHAAR” section.
  3. Fill in the necessary details, including the receipt number and captcha code.
  4. Click on “Send OTP” and enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number.
  5. The details of your Aadhaar card will be displayed, and you can download it from there.

Dear friends, please don’t forget to keep the receipt number safe throughout the process as it is required for checking the status and downloading the this Card.

Some questions which are most asked related to Aadhaar Card.

Child Age for Baal Aadhaar Card?

The child Aadhaar card, also known as Baal Aadhaar card, is made for children below 5 years of age.

How can I apply for a Baal Aadhaar Card?

To apply for a child Aadhaar card, you can follow the application process explained in detail in our complete article on this topic.

Where can I get a Baal Aadhaar Card?

You can get an Child Aadhaar card from the official website of UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India). You will need the receipt number provided to you during the application process.

How can I check the status of my Baal Aadhaar Card?

To check the status of your child Aadhaar card, go to the “Get Aadhaar” section on the official website of UIDAI and click on “Check Status.” Fill in the requested information and you will be able to check the status of your application.

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