How to recover Pi Network App password?

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Are you one of them who are using the Pi Network App for a very long time and you have recently changed your phone, or your phone was hacked or stolen and you have nothing but only the phone number, or Facebook page to recover it. There is nothing to worry, the solution to the problem will be very easy for all of them who wants to immediately recover their password in no time. So this are the steps one need to follow…

  1. Open the Pi Network App
  2. Choose either Facebook or Phone Number
  3. We recommend you Phone Number
  4. Select country code and fill your phone number
  5. Click on the “Go” button
  6. Now click on “Password Forgotten”
  7. Next you will see recover account page
  8. Click on the “Recover” account option.
  9. Now again you will have to fill the country code and your phone number
  10. Click on the submit button and the text Verification page appears
  11. Now select the country you like to send the SMS
  12. Select any country of your choice (US) recommended
  13. Click on the orange icon with text “Open SMS”
  14. If you don’t want to automate the process use manual method.
  15. In auto method, it will directly take you to your message app
  16. Now just click on the send button and thats it.
  17. Now go into the Pi Network App, and the change password option will appear
  18. Change your password and login into the app.

Important points to note:

If you are sending message from your regular pack like monthly or annual pack, SMS will not be send and it will show failed.

Here one needs to do a “TOPUP” of 10 rupees if you are in India and using Jio, Airtel or any other provider. If you from another country you need to follow the same process as per your country providers.


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