Importance Of Backlinks For SEO In 2023

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We have heard this term “Backlinks” so many times in our journey of blogging. And, those who are doing blogging are very much aware of the importance of backlinks for the ranking of the page or an article. A well written will create a positive impact on the readers mind as well as have good impression on Google. We are writing this article so that we can highlight the importance of backlinks in 2023.

As we all know that the competition in the blogging was never so much before but in the recent few years, people have become very serious towards it and many of them have make blogging as their only way to earn their bread and butter and livelihood. Now the answer to the question, how can a proper and well planned backlink structure can actually boost the rankings in google and thus the income and revenue part of the bloggers.

How backlinks works in 2023?

Most Importantly When you create more and more back links on other websites, forums, blogs or social media sites which are ranked high on Google which are having a connection with your “Niche” it will surely help your article or blog to rank on higher positions until and unless the content also provides some value to the readers.

Back linking is nothing but posting your article URL on other people’s websites for promoting your article on Google 1st page on higher positions and thus increasing viewers to your website or blog.

It is a slow process so don’t get stop writing awesome content and creating back links which supports your content and thus creating a positive impression in the eye of Google crawlers.

Google Algorithm runs on a definite process of indexing, crawling and giving the results as per the quality and usefulness of the content. Crawler will find your website from the pages, comments, forums and every page where you have left your urls on any particular page through an anchor text or a direct url.

Crawler will index your page too and check the authenticity of your blog by comparing the content you have placed your url and the one on which you have created the relevant content.

To make backlinks work for your blog in 2023, first you must concentrate on the content you are writing for the readers and must not ignore the helpful content update by google as it is the most important point which google looks very seriously nowadays.

Where I can create Back links in 2023 ?

  • Guest Posts
  • Social Media Sites
  • Forums
  • Blog Commenting

These above are some of the platforms available on the internet where one can make free backlinks and get some authority for their websites. Also, in the above mentioned platforms either you will get dofollow or nofollow backlinks and as always said by the SEO Gurus and experts, one must maintain the ratio in same proportions.


As we have read above what are some of the important factors which will rank your article or blog. We have also understand that how back links play their role in the positioning of an article in the google search once all other factors are also in tandem with the google needs or requirement. We hope you liked the article, if yes than don’t forget to share it with others using your social media profiles.


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