What Is Technology In 2029 Will Be Like?

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We humans are quite addicted to various technology tools. Whether it is a smartphone or an automatic washing machine to air conditioner which works on sound. I had seen man technological changes in the past 10 years. These changes are sometimes are unbelievable, if i think it putting myself 10 years back.

Now as we are in middle of the time where technology is growing as never before. So i am presenting my thoughts about the changes in technology in future 10 years from here.

Technology in 2029

We have flying cars in 2029 and we will see air traffic growing 10 years from here. Furthermore, 10 years from Air Police will be there who will check your license if you break any rules. We have directly Satellite Associated GPS Technology which will check the air traffic around the world as per your country and region. Roads will be less trafficked.

Smart phones will be replaced by chips which totally works on sound technology. You just have to wear a belt which had integrated chips inside , which will control all the functions of the mobile phone. It will help you from attending a call to send a mail.

Not only but also, those chips are capable enough to show you a virtual screen wherever whenever as per your requirement. From Netflix subscriptions to watching newly released movies, you can have all the entertainment at a single place.

Traveling to another country can be done with the help of teleportation technology which will highly developed advanced technology which required passport and other formalities like now only. But you can travel to any part of the world from a single place in seconds with the help of teleportation technology.

New planets will be found with advanced technology in multiverse where we can find life like us or you are calling them Aliens now will be found. We will travel to other planets for just expedition and also we will invite other aliens to visit our earth for friendship and exchanges of new technology.

Drinking water will be converted in to water capsules daily diet , where taking few capsules just to fulfill body requirements.

So friends, this are some of my assumptions right now, I will add more in this blog if i had more visions on it..

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