When XRP will hit $10?

XRP is one of the most famous cryptocurrency in the market since almost two decades. The community of XRP is very strong and it has been on the number two spot for a very long time. It is a payment protocol crypto currency. Many a times in the past, it has seen huge rallies up to $3 to $5. If we talk about the support, since the fight between SEC and Ripple is going on in the courts, much has been depend on the outcome for its price to increase or decrease.

What is the case actually?

SEC is accusing Ripple of misleading the investors by failing to register Ripple’s XRP as a security.

Now if we talk about XRP to hit $10 to more, it is very much possible. As it is also consider people’s currency and got huge support from all over the world and new institutions including banks are slowly but accepting the Ripple as payment mode.

As per our prediction, XRP can hit $10 price in 2025 and a maximum of $25. This is our speculation, if you want to invest in any cryptocurrency please do your thorough research.


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