Zilliqa (ZIL) Price Prediction 2023, 2024, 2025

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Zilliqa is one of the fundamental crytocurrency which works by dividing the whole network of a blockchain organization into several smaller network to solve the issues of scalability which are currently faced by many blockchains. If we talk about the Zil coin, it is ranking in the top 100 list in the coinmarketcap list. It is on the watch list of almost 400000 people. Many inverstors and whales have high hopes for zil coin price and many portals have given the price prediction. So let’s see what is our take on Zil coin in terms of price wise for the year 2023, 2024, 2025?

History of Zilliqa

It has launched in the crytocurrency market in the year 2017 while it’s whitepaper is released in May 2018. The CEO of the Zil project is Dr. Ben Livshits. And Dr. Amit Kumar is the co-founder, president and chief scientist officer.

Other than them, many reputed engineers, scientists, blockchain experts and venture creators are actively associated with the Zilliqa project. If we name some of them, than they are Mihee Park, Matt Dyer, Dr. Saayan Choudhury, Dr. Ilya Sergey, and Jun Hao Tan.

Zilliqa Coin Price Prediction 2023

At the time of writing this article, the price of a zil coin is $0.02742 with a market cap of $434,992,492 with a total volume of $111,944,943 as on mid January 2023. The project is very old and continuous work has been done on it since it’s launched though many competitors doing similar kind of projects.

Its one year high is $0.22 in the year 2022. Now as per our price prediction the price of one zil coin can hit the maximum of $0.5 which is very much possible in the year 2023.

Minimum Zilliqa Price in 2023: $0.010

Average Zilliqa Price in 2023: $0.30

Maximum Zilliqa Price in 2023: $0.50

Exceeded Expectations Zilliqa Price in 2023 : $1

Zilliqa Coin Price Prediction 2024

The year of 2024 will come with good news for all the cryptos and the same can happen with Zil too if no blockchain attack or loopholes will be found in the project. The investors will keep a strong eagle eye on this project. We are bullish for this project and this are our predictions for the year 2024.

Minimum Zilliqa Price in 2024: $0.40

Average Zilliqa Price in 2024: $0.75

Maximum Zilliqa Price in 2024: $1.5

Exceeded Zilliqa Price in 2024 : $2.5

Zilliqa Coin Price Prediction 2025

As we have told many times, the year of 2025 will show a mixed growth, where many projects will fail big time while many will grow unexpected. It will be a year the investors must invest carefully in any project as it can either make or break their investments as well as financial status.

Same can happen to the Zil coin and this are our predictions for the Zilliqa Coin in the year 2025. We don’t have high hopes from zil coin this year until an unless they do something out of the box.

Minimum Zilliqa Price in 2025: $0.50

Average Zilliqa Price in 2025: $0.30

Maximum Zilliqa Price in 2025: $1

Exceeded Zilliqa Price in 2025 : $2


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