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We are living in a world where along with the advancement in technology, you can see its implementation everywhere. And Industrial Sector is no more untouched with the use of it. And EOT Crane is one such machine made from the combination of mechanical, electrical and technological rules. So today, we will deep discuss about EOT Crane. We will discuss factors like EOT Crane Wiki, Wikipedia, Full Form, Working Principle, Operation, Types, Use, Specifications, EOT Crane Manufacturer, Price, Components, inspection, etc. in this blog.


What Is The Full Form Of EOT Crane?

EOT Crane Full Form In English: EOT Crane means Electronic Overhead Traveling Crane

EOT Crane Full Form In Hindi: इलेक्ट्रिक ओवरहेड ट्रैवल क्रेन ((ईओटी)

What Is An EOT Crane?

EOT Crane also known as Electronic Overhead Traveling Crane is used in various small scale and large scale industries to take load of heavy materials raising them & put the material from one place to another in both sides. There is a host fitted on the EOT Crane upper-side i.e overhead. And the hoist is made of motor and strong rope with an anchor hanging downwards to pull up the material. The hoist was balanced equally on two parallel bridges having a span gap on which it travels smoothly. And the host is operated electrically through an electric switch either through a hand controller or the controller attached on the EOT Crane.

Types of EOT Crane?

There are two types of EOT Crane Single Girder EOT Crane & Double Girder EOT Crane

#1 Single Girder EOT Crane:

Single Girder EOT Crane needs only one bridge and the hoist is attached downwards i.e exactly opposite that of overhead crane (Double-Girder EOT Crane). While the functions is same as overhead crane. It is used to pull lighter loads in Industries. The components used are wire rope hoist attached with a hand controller.

#2 Double Girder EOT Crane:

Double-Girder EOT Crane needs two bridges or beam, and the wire rope hoist is attached on the upper side of bridge with the help of traveling span on which the wire rope hoist can move both ways loading heavy industrial loads. Both Single Girder & Double Girder are capital machinery.

Specifications of EOT Crane:

The specifications of an EOT Crane can be different as per the requirement of Industrial Applications and the size of the Industry. One must thoroughly inspect the plant or industry by well-skilled professional mechanical engineers before placing an order for the one.


Again the price is a matter of your requirements and the brand of parts you are going to use while making EOT Crane. As, the price may go or down as per the parts you use of different brands. But as per us, you must use best brands components prevailing in the industry as it is a capital item. Once installed at your factory or premises, it will going to serve you for so many years. Also, the terms and conditions regarding after sales service must be an important point before buying the EOT Crane.


Drawing consists of Auto cad virtual description of an EOT Crane in shape and size. It is very much necessary to make a drawing either taking the service of Auto Cad engineers or by self. It is used by the manufacturer while making such cranes.

EOT Crane Working Principle:

EOT Crane works on the principle of up down and move. It means, it picks up the load first and than move it in the direction of your choice and put it down. You can move up the load to any height as per your choice. All these things are done with the help of a trolley, Hoist, Rope, Anchor and Bridge. The working principle is same for both the Double Girder & Single Girder Crane. The only major difference is Double Girder Crane picks up heavy Industrial Applications while the other one is made for lighter industrial applications.

How To Find Best EOT Crane Manufacturer?

Actually finding the best EOT Crane manufacturer is a part of research from your side. You can either choose them from your city or if can’t find the best in your city or country. You can import it from other countries. But importing will cost you more. We will prefer you to find the best within the city or country. As extra taxes prevails while buying from other countries or cities will put a load on your pocket.

Installation & Inspection:

Installation is done by the manufacturer or as decided between the two parties at the time of the purchase and sell. While regular inspection is very necessary as some times mishaps may happens due to negligence in inspections and in the absence of after sales service.

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