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GBJ Park in located in the Jawahar Nagar, Marathahalli area of Bangalore city. It is one of the place where people of all ages come to spend beautiful time. From kids to adults have a wonderful time here in the park. All kind of necessary facilities from playground area for kids to jogging paths for adults, elders and old people are provided here. There are many more facilities and many things to cover which are given in the article below.

GBJ Park Address:

The address is 2nd Main Rd, Hal Quarters, Sanjay Nagar, Marathahalli, Bengaluru, India

GBJ Park Pincode :

The pincode of the area under which GBJ park is located is 560037

GBJ Park Contact Number:

Contact number is unavailable.

GBJ Park Facilities In Detail

Playground Area:

A colorful and safe playground equipped with swings, slides, seesaws, and climbing structures for children is available at the park. Other than that Soft, impact-absorbing flooring is provided to ensure the safety of kids while they are playing and running here and there.

Walking and Jogging Paths:

The residents who live nearby comes daily in the morning, evening, and after dinner to walk and jog and even cycling. The park is made in such a way that they can jog in the path which is provided surrounding as well as in the centre of the park. Also, group of elders can sit along and have a nice chat with each other.

Ready Made Picnic Spot

Families can come and enjoy camping here at night as well bring their food and meals along with them and can take all the joy of picnic in this park. Also dustbin is provided so that they can put all the left overs and trash into the disposal.

Green Spaces and Gardens:

For who are nature lover, for them flowers, gardens are available with green grass which soothes their mind and body and a peaceful feeling to them.

For Sports Lover:

For people who love sports have basketball, tennis and volleyball courts as well as one can also enjoy football in the garden space.

For Fitness Enthusiasts:

Outdoor fitness equipment are placed for people who are interested in workouts and visiting the park.

We just want to inform you that each and every facility which needs to be there in a park is available like restrooms, dog zone, workout zone, laughing zone, etc. in the GBJ Park.

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