Mahamilan Math Monastery, Location, Map Phone Number

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The Mahamilan Math comprises of the central ashram of “Shri Shri Sitaramdas Omkarnath Dev” and also it the Head quarters of Akhil Bharat Jaiguru Sampraday, which is founded by Shri Shri Sitaramdas Omkarnath Ji. Also one can found the Omkarnath Templas as well as the Annapurna Temple as part of the Mahamilan Math.

Address of Mahamilan Math:

Sitaramdas Omkarnath, 7/7, Bidhan Sarani Rd, Debigarh, Bonhoogly, Bonhooghly Government Colony, Ashokgarh, Kolkata, West Bengal 700108

Phone Numbers of Mahamilan Math:

+91 33 2577 5179

Latitude and Longitude of Mahamilan Math:

22°39’06.4″N 88°22’18.0″E

Map of Mahamilan Math:

Hourly Timings of Mahamilan Math:

Thursday4:55am to 1pm & 4pm to 9pm
Friday4:55am to 1pm & 4pm to 9pm
Saturday4:55am to 1pm & 4pm to 9pm
Sunday4:55am to 1pm & 4pm to 9pm
Monday4:55am to 1pm & 4pm to 9pm
Tuesday4:55am to 1pm & 4pm to 9pm
Wednesday4:55am to 1pm & 4pm to 9pm

Mahamilan Math Official Website:


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