How To Make $2000 Per Month From Google Web Stories In 2023?

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Are you fed of making web stories but you haven’t received a single penny from Google Ad sense or you haven’t sold a single product using web stories as an affiliate medium? We are here to help you to make at least $2000 per month from the Google web Stories. Yes, you heard it right “$2000” from web stories every month. If might look hard to you but it is not impossible. So the question is how? So let’s learn how to make it as below…

Selection of Niche

You might have heard it many times that ” if foundation is strong building is strong”. Same is applicable to Web Stories. Before making a single web story, you must ask your self, in which niche or category you have deep interest and you have deep knowledge. You also have to ask, are you ready to work tirelessly for the same. If yes, than you are ready to taste success in this department.

As for example: You might be interested in “Cars” topic or niche. Here the step one is completed.

Make a Website on Your Selected Niche

Now don’t think about anything but cars and all your thoughts and research must be revolving around cars and make an aesthetic website on your niche. This website must follow all the parameters which are set by Google. Like a good speed, light weight, all the necessary pages, and most of all user-friendly. You have to make this website very carefully as it will only decide you will get success in web story or not. Each and every page must be carefully developed, either by you or by your developer.

Write 40 High quality Blogs On Your Niche

This is one of the most important part of the web story, which most of the web story makers ignore. If you want to get sure shot success, please pay full attention on this part. First of all do complete research of all the topics related to your niche “Cars” and then find most important 40 keywords related to your niche on which you are going to write those 40 odd blogs.

You need to understand all this 40 blogs must be written in such a way that it is solving the readers problems related to “Cars”. Each of your blogs must be written after having deep research and once all of those forty blogs are written, you need to follow the next step below…

Results: You will see a tremendous organic growth in your analytics and It is the time you can apply for ad sense. If everything is in proper format, you will definitely get ad sense approval and also you will see making some bucks out of your blog. But our objective is to earn from Web Stories, so let’s move ahead…

Install the Google Web Stories or Make Stories Plugin

Now you have built a foundation for your blog by writing excellent 40 articles on your niche “Cars” and now the time has come you need to install Google Web Stories and Make Stories in your word press website. Yes you heard it right, now is the time when you need to install the plugin.

Now you are very clear about your Niche and its time to make the Web Stories. No, the time is still not come to make the Web Stories. What I am not making Web Stories now? Yes, you still needs to wait… So what is next?

Install the AMP Plugin In Your Word Press

AMP Plugin is very important for your web story to get in to “Google Discover” It not only increases the website speed but also it is highly recommended by Google itself. So you need to use a perfect theme which is compatible with the Google Web Stories, AMP and other necessary plugins like Yoast SEO and Rank Math.

In short, no plugins must show any error, which will further create problems to get indexed by Google. So keep this point in your mind.

Learn and Upgrade Your Skill for Web Stories

You might have heard it many times, if we don’t know swimming, we must not jump in to river. If yes, than same prevails here. Before making the web stories you must learn “How to make Web Stories? Before you know, how to make web stories, you need to recharge yourself to work hard. Yes, here I will not tell you to make 20 to 30 web stories daily, which you all of have heard many times on YouTube and other platforms. You need to make only “One Web story Per Day”

One Web Story Can Make $30 to $50 Per Day

As you already know, you are going to make Web Story on Cars. Now search for the topics which are trending or which are upcoming and all of them must be related to “Cars”. As for example, any Car is going to launch after a month. You need to collect all the information related to that Car. Now as you have read and researched a lot for the particular topic, its time to make the stories.

You have to make only 40 stories and you must have all the topics ready one month before publishing this web story. Now we will learn how your web story must be executed?

Focus on the Web Story Title

Yes, my dear friend, Title plays a big role in making your Web Story Viral. Title must be such that it must click the reader mind at first impression. Now how to make a Viral Web Story Title? This answer can be easily found on YouTube.

Yes, go on YouTube and find any topic related to your niche in YouTube Search bar and see the top 5 videos with most views. Now you eyes concentration should be only on the Title. How they have put the Title? What it means for the viewers? Analyze it properly. You will get the answer for the Title for your first web story.

Now you have to follow the same pattern for every web story in terms of their Title.

Choosing Right Images or Video Slides for the Web Story

It is the life of the Web Story, once you have written an attractive title, you are not done. You have to tell your story through images, which is the center point of every web story. What can be done now? Choose the images which are relevant to your topic and which is as per the norms of Google in size and proportions.

It would be nice, if you use your original images. But, If you are not using the original images, than you must not forget to give credit to the original creator of those images.

Other than that, make changes in the images by properly cropping them as per the respective size of “640 X 853 “ pixels in size which the standard size set by google.

Use at least 15 images in the story and it is must. Each of them must connect with each other in such a way that it increases the user engagement and they have no option but to see the next slide.

Animation and Content For The Web Story

As you have already researched and written nice content for the web stories, now its the time to use them but in minimal words on each slide. Each story must tell something about your topic “Car” in minimal words but more from the image look.

There are lots of option to use the animation on words and images are readily available, which you can use to give an attractive and soothing look to the Web Story.

SEO Plus Publishing The Web Story

Now the time has come to publish the web story but stop, don’t publish it. You must check once everything from URL, Meta Tags, Categories, Title, the all the images optimization is done properly or not?

Important Point: You need to give the link of your next Web Story on the last image of your First Web Story, in this way all your web story can be seen one by one.

And it can be done only if you have already created the second web story in advance. So in this pattern you have to create your best of 30 to 40 web story.

Results: You will see that “Discover” option will be enabled in the Google Search Console and you will see some organic hits to your web stories in Google analytics under the head of “Events”.


Web story is an interest based platform by Google, where the user will find the best of the web story on their mobile, tablet, laptop or PC in the discover option of the browser. If you want to reach them, you have to do extra ordinary work which not only creates a positive impact in Google but also the viewer of the web story left with a feeling of satisfaction and a need of more.

In our human world, everything which is consumed by us through eyes, ears, nose, and mouth needs best quality. If you are giving it, nobody can stop you, not even you from getting you unmatched and unlimited success. So earning $2000 per month from Web Story will be a no dream for anybody, they follow each and every point mentioned in this article.

Please refer this official pages from Google, which will make your work easy in making the high quality web stories.

#1 Google For Creator: Click Here

#2 Enable Web Stories: Click Here


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