Howrah To Airport Via Newtown Bus Time Table, Timings, Bus Price, Bus No

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When it comes to traveling to the airport from our homes, offices, or other locations, having a suitable and hassle-free transportation option is crucial. We often carry important luggage and accessories, making it essential to choose a reliable mode of transportation. In this article, we’ll provide you with details about the bus route that connects Howrah to the airport, specifically focusing on the New Town bus and its respective route.

Bus Route Name:

The bus route name is AC-39

Bus Route Details

Starting Bus Route Place : Howrah

Ending Bus Route Place: Airport

Total Distance Covering : 18 Kilometers

Number of Bus Stops: 10

List of Bus Stops Between Howrah to Airport:

Start : Howrah

B B D Bag > Esplanade > C R Avenue > Girish Park > Manicktala > Kankurgachhi > Ultadanga > V I P Road

End : Airport

Route Details:

The AC-39 bus route provides a convenient and efficient transportation option for commuters traveling between Howrah and Airport. Covering a total distance of 18 kilometers, the bus journey includes 10 major bus stops, ensuring connectivity to key locations along the route.

Bus Stops Details In Brief

Howrah: The journey begins at the bustling Howrah area, a significant transportation hub in the city.

B B D Bag: A central business district, offering access to various commercial and administrative establishments.

Esplanade: A major junction known for its shopping centers and proximity to cultural landmarks.

C R Avenue: Connecting to the cultural and commercial activities in the heart of the city.

Girish Park: A location known for its greenery, providing a pleasant environment for commuters.

Manicktala: Offering accessibility to residential areas and local amenities.

Kankurgachhi: A key locality known for its diverse community and commercial establishments.

Ultadanga: A strategic location providing connectivity to different parts of the city.

V I P Road: Connecting to the VIP Road, offering access to various facilities and institutions.

Airport: The final destination, providing access to the city’s international airport.

Why to Choose AC-39?

Comfortable Travel: The AC-39 bus ensures a comfortable and air-conditioned travel experience for commuters.

Efficient Connectivity: With only 10 bus stops, the route is designed for efficient travel, reducing travel time and ensuring timely arrivals.

Key Locations: The route covers key locations, facilitating easy access to important areas of the city.

Connectivity to Airport: The AC-39 bus route is particularly beneficial for those traveling to or from the airport, offering a reliable mode of transportation.

Note: Dear friends please check the latest schedule and any updates from the local transportation authority for the most accurate and current information regarding the AC-39 bus route.

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