What is Team Viewer? How to use it?

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Team Viewer is a wonderful software which gives access to another user of the computer who is sitting at a far distance and vice versa through an internet connection. Numerous things can be done using a team viewer including seeing the data of other computer, sharing files, making changes on another computer from your computer, online virtual meeting and software installation, etc.

On which platform Team Viewer is available as of present?

It is available on desktop through windows, macOS, Linux while it is available on mobile through Android and iOS platforms.

How Team Viewer Works?

Before putting it to work, one must install the software on their devices like computer or phones. Once it is install it and launch it than it will create a unique ID and Password and it needs to be shared with the person who want to get access of your computer and vice versa.

Once it is given to the person by the host computer user, they will enter the information in their team viewer ID and that’s it. It will get connected when they click on the Connect button.

Do using Team Viewer is secure ?

Yes at it is using an encryption method having secure encryption (AES 256-bit) , one can use it free of mind without any worry and there is no breach of data possible. The only thing you need to take care while sharing the team viewer id and password is not to share any details or keep important details like Gmail ID password or any other important passwords and IDs on the desktop.

When your work is completed or the purpose for which you have shared the team viewer ID to the other person stop the connection by clicking on disconnect.

Hope you have got the easy tutorial and definition about team viewer.

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