What is Fake Engagement In YouTube?

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We all are using YouTube. Majority of them are audience and few of them are creators. YouTube don’t want anyone to grow their channel in unethical way and they have clearly told the creators to follow their policy if they want to make a successful career on YouTube. In the YouTube Community guidelines, there comes a section, which explains us all about the spam and deceptive practices. So we are writing this blog for those people who wants to understand it in an easy language, so that before they enter into YouTube as a creator, they will not forget to follow this right practices to avoid spam and deceptive practices.

Fake Engagement:

YouTube is very clear about its spam and deceptive practices and in it’s fake engagement section, it has explained us all that don’t take views, likes, comments or watch time (engagement) forcefully.

In-short, a viewer has no interest in watching the video, but they are doing it using VPN Service or different computers so that the channel’s watch-time will increase and the channel get monetize providing the watch-time of 4000 hours, 1000 uninterested subscribers who have no interest in your content as well as fake likes, and shares.

If you got caught doing that, your videos which brought the fake engagement will be removed and worst can be that your channel will get terminated and removed by YouTube.

It is not allowed by YouTube that you promote your channel by hiring someone which actually violates the YouTube Policy.


First of all don’t do anything which is mentioned above. Also, don’t buy views, likes and subscribers. Never use Sub4Sub technique.

One can not use third party apps, or buy social media traffic from Facebook, Twitter to complete the monetization criteria.

This are the few things a creator must kept in mind while making videos and uploading them on the YouTube.

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