Youtube Shorts Monetization New Update 2023

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For the shorts lover, time has come when one can monetize their shorts video. The shorts will not only get monetize but also your subscriber will get the shorts notification of your latest shorts you upload on your channel.

As we all know YouTube has given an opportunity to the people who make shorts on their channel. The criteria is to get 10 million views and 1k subscriber in the last 90 days.

The views will be counted from 9th January and the preceding 90 days which is falling on October 9th 2022.

On February 1st, 2023, the monetization for shorts will began for the YouTube channel who had completed the above criteria.

Moreover, the earnings from shorts will be 45% while from the long videos it will be 55%. To earn money from shorts, one needs to accept the YouTube Partner Program Policies by accepting the Review Base Terms and also accept the Review Watch page terms.

The most important settings will be “Start Earning From Short Feeds” and Review Ad Short Feed Terms, both need to be accepted which means you will get 45% ad revenue while YouTube will get 55% ad revenue.

Important Points to remember while making short videos on YouTube:

If you are using the outside content from Instagram, using other creators videos, or any other reused videos will create using in monetization as well as can give copyright issues. Also, never use the audio from outside videos.

Do make original content only, and use the music picker option given in the YouTube studio itself. Now it is up to You want to earn by breaking YouTube rules or do ethical work and make decent money from the famous social media platform.


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